Education, Charity and Humanity : These are the three pillars on which the Markaz movement is based and carries itself forward.
Establishment of quality educational institutions, where not only learning but moulding of individuals with values and traditions, who are devoted to the country, takes place. Apart from its foreign undertakings in different countries, Markaz operates more than hundred institutions in India alone, where above 35,000 students pursue their education in muti-disciplines. Its programmes are recognized by and Jamia Markaz is affiliated to over 15 Universities around the world. Over these 40 years, it has dedicated more than 100,000 alumni, who serve globally by carrying the light and sign of Markaz; ‘shaping a culture’! Markaz always stood by the unprivileged population and marginalized minorities, caring and supporting them morally and physically. Schools and poor homes with free food and livelihood, houses and drinking water projects, life supports: and sustainable community developments, Markaz dedicates them back to society with dignity and self-esteem. These educated youth, later takes the same route oftheir mother institútion in service, and this cycle goes on.
No knowledge is worth without its humane component. In fact, education without a heart is highly dangerous! While ignorant man is equal to dead, a man with knowledge practically proves his existence. Religion asks man to think on issues and use his rationale on universal phenomena to realize the ultimate truth. It values the wisdom and awareness of human beings and purifies the intelligence ofman with great textual knowledge. As Hazrat Ali (R) once said; knowledge, which protects us, is more valuable than wealth, while we will be obliged to protect our wealth.Whereas, wealth decreases when giving, knowledge increases on imparting.

May the Almighty strengthen us to serve the country and people with right knowledge, original tradition and true values!